• platform updates

What's new, July 2021

This week we have released an update to the marketplace platform which has added some requested features.

You can now edit your product links from the edit product pages of the vendor dashboard. Select the product you would like to edit, then click “Edit” next to the product URL and you can change the link. This means you can fix any links for products that have been created by making a duplicate product. Please note that any links to the product will no longer work and this will also break any links from search engines, so only do this if totally necessary.

Shop Page Updates

Your shop page will now show your shop’s location, your opening times if this has been set through the vendor dashboard and your verified status. We hope this will allow your potential customers to shop with confidence. If you have yet to complete the verification process, you can do this from the vendor dashboard. If you have not set your shop location, the default will be shown on your shop page, this is the centre of the county.

Other Updates

We have also been working hard to squash bugs and make behind the scenes performance upgrades which we hope will improve the overall experience of the site

Duncan Brown

Founder and lead developer for MyLocal Gifts.